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Step 1 – Throw your name in the hat .

All it takes to get the ball rolling is to fill in the short form on this page to jump to contact, read the free report we’ll send you about how we work, and for us to evaluate whether or not we’re a good fit for one another.

Yes – while we’d love to help everyone become make money in real estate, the fact is that we can only work with so many people at once.  In this way, we keep our more than 50 sub contractors working at their highest level of quality.

We have collected the finest architects, designers, sales people, real estate agents, lenders, contractors and specialists in the industry.  We do it all for you – but we have to make certain that we’re a good fit!

Step 2 – The evaluation

While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to work with you – we do promise to give you and everyone who requests to become a We Flip Houses investing partner an equal opportunity.  However, we must determine certain things that will tell us whether this exclusive investing program is right for you.

Our evaluation includes things like:

Whether or not you have the capital to really invest in a flipping program.

If you understand the potential risks, are willing to accept them and can manage them.

Whether or not you’ll qualify for our lending programs.

If you and the team can get along together.

There’s only one way to find out!

Step 3 – We help you get the best financing

Once you’ve been approved by our financing team, we move forward and get you into the best financing to purchase a home and allow us to go to work fixing it up and turning it into a sparkling high-value masterpiece.  We’ve established many connections and can offer many financing options which include hedge funds, private investors, standard bank loans and more.

Step 4 – The construction process

Things will move fast now.  We find and show you sweet deals – old grandma homes that need that extra something to turn them into the kind of modern homes that are in demand today.

It’s still up to you – while we find the properties for you, you still get to decide on which ones to purchase and which ones we’ll rehab.  With our team of construction professionals from Adaptive Consulting ( link to adaptive), we’ll do everything necessary to add tremendous value to the home so that when that new owner comes in – they’re blown away by what’s been accomplished!

Step 5 – The sale

We’ve created a network of real estate agents, brokers and bird dogs – as well as multi-media marketing to quickly find qualified buyers who will love the home we’ve fixed up on your behalf.  What we do is evaluate the home and do whatever work is necessary not just to improve the property – we make sure we keep costs down and the profit potential high.

While we can’t account for every unforeseen circumstance, we go above and beyond to make certain that you always profit on every deal.

Step 6 – you rake in the profits!

Have you been wondering where we make our money?  How we can offer this awesome done for you system and exactly how much of a chunk we take?

The answer may surprise you…

With our We flip houses Atlanta program – you keep all of the profits!  We only charge  four small fees only TWO that you actually pay:

  1. A 6% commission when the fixed-up property is sold – since we’re acting as your broker.  You’d have to pay this with anyone, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary, is it?
  2. We charge a fee above the cost of the actual rehab construction process.  What makes this easier for you to swallow is that we pass on our investor discounts at Lowe’s and other suppliers directly to you, and we handle everything so you don’t have to.
  3. We get paid by our money partners to introduce you to them to fund the deals.
  4. We get paid by the seller when we sell you an UGLY house


When you get down to it – we hardly cost you a dime – and all the while, we handle the deal for you.

I wanted to flip houses after the Than Merrill event. I didn't want to pay THOUSANDS for coaching. This program coaches for free and does all the work and I make the profits. This was a perfect fit for me because I have a demanding job and I live 3000 miles away.

Byron Thomas

Investor Beware. If you do not like risk and you do not have extra money on hand. DO NOT do this program. I was told to have at least 50,000 I had a little under that and I had to put some expenses on credit card to finish the deal. If you are low on funds find a partner or just sit it out. Now that I closed I have $65000. I plan to invest again.

Rodney Jones

Flipping houses is nothing like TV. I completed my first flip after 7 months. I put out $47,000 in down payments, closing cost and interest payments and I made $63,450. What I liked about this program is that I could flip a house in Atlanta while living in Los Angeles. What I did not like is that it took longer than I expected.

Brittany Brown