The We Flip Houses Atlanta team has outlined frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you have a better understanding about who we are and how we work.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: is this program for everyone?

We’d love to be able to work with everybody – but that’s impossible.  Our resources are of the highest quality, and they’re also limited because of that.  Therefore, we’re looking for investors with reserves. Investors with at least $25,000 in cash with which they’d like to invest.  It makes the process go much faster and smoother.

Q: How long do I have to wait for the house to sell?

We use a rule of thumb that a good home flipping investment takes between 6 and 13 months to turn over.  This depends on the complexity of the work, of course.  There have been cases where we’ve acquired, rehabbed and sold a property in as little as 60 days, but it’s wise to assume a longer period.

Q: What will I have to pay in taxes?

That depends on you.  Our goal is to use what’s known as a 1031 Starker exchange when selling your property.  In this way, we take the profit from the first home and re-invest in a second, then turn that into a larger investment which can be exchanged and so on.

This can be done any number of times, either ending in a final cash out or a larger property which you can hold for residual rental income. We aren’t the tax guys. So please get advice from them.

Q: Do I have to live in or near Atlanta?

No.  We can work with investors all over the world.  It’s the fact that we’ve put together a top-notch Atlanta team that makes this possible.  You provide the cash, we provide the boots on the ground and the ROI.

Q: Why Atlanta, why not another city?

As you’ve read already, Atlanta is ripe for flipping.  With a large and growing number of quality jobs, high education standards, a growing population and strong economy, you couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances from one area.  We may move into other markets eventually, but for now, Atlanta and the metro area provide substantial returns.

Q: What kinds of properties do you focus on?

Primarily, we look for hot neighborhoods with old and outdated homes near quality schools.  These are properties which, for a variety of reasons, can be acquired at a discount.  Once rehabbed, these quality homes in quality neighborhoods fetch very high prices.

Q: How do I get started with We Flip Houses?

The best thing to do is give us, a call at ####.  We’ll chat for a few minutes and during the call, I’ll evaluate your ability to work with us, and you can evaluate whether or not you want to work with us.

As mentioned, we can only work with so many investors at once.  To make sure you get a position and don’t have to be put on a waiting list, call today and let’s get the ball rolling!

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