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The secret that keeps the government from getting their grubby hands on your cash – and why it’s totally legal!

Have you ever heard of capital gains tax? I’m sure you have. It’s basically a giant bill you have to pay Uncle Sam whenever you make a large chunk of change. The amount of the tax varies, from 15 to 35% - and they don’t do a thing to earn it. Nice, huh? You can avoid capital gains – and Uncle Sam himself has okayed it!  Legally and safely turn capital into larger amounts.  Avoid paying taxes on any capital gains.  Use the extra money you AREN’T paying the government to make even...

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Name, here’s the secret to profitable home flipping

The secret anyone can do… or can they? How the right team makes all the difference …and how putting them to work has allowed me to retire almost 35 years early. I feel like I should give you a bit more detail on exactly why I and my fellow investors have been so successful. It’s a very simple secret, really.  It’s the team that I use before, during and after a rehab that has made all the difference in the world and has allowed me to leave my high paying corporate job at 31...

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Why Atlanta, GA is the hottest place to flip?

Atlanta is growing faster than anyone can keep up You may be wondering why We Flip Houses is so focused on the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.  Why not flip homes in other cities and states? The truth is, we have.  We’ve successfully flipped houses in 9 states – but the truth also is that Atlanta offers the greatest potential for profit of virtually anywhere in the country right now, and here’s why: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Atlanta and its suburbs have been doubling in population since 1990. In 1980, for...

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