Name, here’s the secret to profitable home flipping

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Name, here’s the secret to profitable home flipping

The secret anyone can do… or can they?

How the right team makes all the difference

…and how putting them to work has allowed me to retire almost 35 years early.

I feel like I should give you a bit more detail on exactly why I and my fellow investors have been so successful.

It’s a very simple secret, really.  It’s the team that I use before, during and after a rehab that has made all the difference in the world and has allowed me to leave my high paying corporate job at 31 and become financially independent.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share my team and what they do:


House finders

One of the most important aspects to profitable flipping is finding the right deals.  I have a whole team who bird dogs good deals, helps me with our TV ads, billboards and the like.  We focus on quality neighborhoods with old out of date homes primarily.

In this way, we make certain that when we’re finished, we have a newer gem in a desirable location that is quick to be snapped up.

The Fix up

  • An award winning designer who picks out the tile and paints and designs the whole house to be modern and desirable.
  • My award winning stager sets up the house once it’s done for maximum effect and fast sales.
  • A builder architect who sees that all code guidelines are met.
  • An incredible architect who also works for Atlanta and does all the drawings for the city.
  • My permit team is so well connected I can rush permits through city hall.
  • A structural engineer who inspects and stamps all foundations.
  • A civil engineer who keeps us on track with zoning.
  • Top notch construction team that can handle any and all rehabbing from simple touch ups to complete structural overhauls – a critical component for successful flipping.
  • And more.


Selling the house

I’m very proud of my marketing team.  In almost every case, we can actually sell the house we’re working on before it’s done.  How’s that for a quick turnover?

The right team is the secret ingredient for a recipe of flipping success.  To learn more and to put my team to work making you money, give me a call now and reserve your spot!

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